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The TEMPS D'IMAGES FILM AWARD for FILMS ON ART is an international competition inside the festival TEMPS D'IMAGES to promote films which deal with art, artistic creation and art works. It accepts works of Portuguese film makers produced in 2008 - 2014 for the competition of best Portuguese film, and all international and Portuguese works produced in 2008 - 2014 for the other prices.


The deadline for film submissions is the 15th of July 2014. Later entries are not accepted.
The announcement of the results on the website will be on 15th of October, 2014.
The screenings and award ceremony will take place in November.


1. Preview copies: DVD with English subtitles
2. Exhibition Formats: digital formats
3. Signed inscription form
4. Director's statement (part of evaluation) in digital form


1. Categories:
a. Films of Portuguese film makers of any length and genre
b. Films of Portuguese and International film makers of any length and genre

2. Submissions are free

3. Submission are complete if contain the following:

• Preview copy: DVD PAL (Eurozone) with English subtitles
• Signed inscription form
• Director's statement (part of evalutation) in digital form

4. Subtitles – for the screening videos in any category, it is indispensable to send the list of subtitles in English and a DVD with the final version of the film in order to prepare electronic subtitles. The screening prints or copies that do not have original versions in English, should have English subtitles.

5. Mail costs – mailing costs of sending the DVDs are the sender’s responsibility.

6. Return of material – the preview films sent for submission will automatically become part of the Festival’s collection and may be used only for cultural purposes without commercial interests.

7. Submission deadline –productions entries will be accepted up to July 15th, 2014 - online and postal date.

8. Internet – once a production is submitted and selected, all information on the entry forms can be made public through the Festival’s Internet site.

9. Films that were submitted in previous editions and were not selected, can not be submitted again.

10. Producer and filmmakers can submit more than one film.

11. Each DVD entry should have just one title.

12. If the director/producer does not follow all the conditions above, the documentary will not be considered by the selection committee.

Film Selection:

1. Five films will be awarded in total, three for the awards with cash prize, two for special mentions.

2. Promotional material should reach the Festival’s head office by October, 25th, 2014.

3. Screening copies of selected films should arrive at the Festival’s head office before October, 28th, 2014.

4. Shipping costs of sending the selected films are the sender’s responsibility. The value declared for customs must not exceed 10 dollars.

5. The festival does not pay screening fees.

6. Filmmakers/producers who have signed the entry form have authorized the screening of the submitted film one or two times during the festival.

7. Filmmakers/producers who have signed the entry form have authorized/or not authorized (please mention on the form) the screening of the submitted film in the planned extensions of the festival in the cities Faro and Oporto in Portugal. If the films are selected for the extensions, a screening fee is paid by the festival.

7. Filmmakers of selected films automatically authorize the transmission of a maximum of 2 minute of showing time on TV and/or Internet for the promotion of the Film Competition.


One jury members from the directors/curators board of the European festival TEMPS D'IMAGES will be selected for the selection process. Four art/performance/film students will be invited for the jury, too.


The jury will give the following awards:

A. TEMPS D'IMAGE FILM AWARD (any length) for the best film on art (2000 €)

B. TEMPS D'IMAGE FILM AWARD (any length) for the best Portuguese film on art (1500 €)

C. TEMPS D'IMAGE FILM FOR ART AWARD (any length) for a film with reflects the importance of arts in human society in the most original way (1500 €)


The event is also open for partnerships which result in different awards to be announced during the Festival’s award ceremony.